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The life of Elvis through the eyes of seventeen women

Sidekick players presents ‘All the King’s Women’

Sidekick Players upcoming production delves into the life and legacy of the legendary Elvis Presley as written by Luigi Jannuzzi and directed by Carroll Lefebvre.

Through a series of captivating vignettes spanning from 1946 to the present day, seventeen women share their unique perspectives on the King of Rock and Roll. Some are enamored, some are critical, but all are deeply obsessed with Elvis and their ‘near Elvis experiences.’

While Elvis remains the central figure, the play explores the broader impact of his life and the cultural phenomena he inspired. Delving into themes of celebrity and society, the production brings forth distinct and vibrant characters, blending humor with emotional depth.

Whether you’re a die-hard Elvis fan or a newcomer to his legacy, you’ll walk away with a profound appreciation for ‘the King.’

Under the skillful direction of Lefebvre, a talented ensemble of six women and two men deliver a compelling performance. Each actress takes on multiple roles, showcasing their versatility and talent. Prepare to be moved from shudders to swoons, from giggles to grief, as the cast brings these characters to life.

“I am incredibly fortunate to work with such talented women,” remarked Lefebvre. “Choosing the cast was a challenge in itself, as each one could have excelled in any role.” The stellar lineup includes Cathy Collis, Erica Bearss, Tina Freigang, Marcia Strang, Sarah Green, Teala Pannell, Nick Arathoon, and Chris Reid.

Despite initially lacking a connection to Elvis, the cast members have undergone a transformation during rehearsals. Immersing themselves in Elvis’s music and history, they have gained a newfound appreciation for the man behind the legend. Audiences can expect to discover new facets of Elvis’s life and legacy through their performances.

‘All the King’s Women,’ opens on March 29 and runs until April 13. Performances take place on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 pm, with Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2 pm. Due to limited seating, reservations are strongly encouraged. Secure your tickets early by calling 604-288-2415.

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