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First steps underway for new indoor facility at Cloverdale Athletic Park

Facility would be located on north side of CAP

An indoor practice facility at Cloverdale Athletic Park is inching closer to becoming reality.

The Parks and Recreation Department for the City of Surrey recommended staff initiate a Request for Expression of Interest (RFEOI) to build a new indoor practice facility at the park.

The location would be on the north side, off 64th, about half way between 172nd and 168th.

According to Corporate Report R068—which passed without debate at the city’s regular council meeting May 15–Parks and Rec. asked council “to issue an RFEOI to obtain submissions for a potential partnership with a proponent to finance, design, build and operate an indoor practice facility on City park land at Cloverdale Athletic Park.”

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Parks and Rec.’s 10-year strategic plan recommends the department partner with community groups to “advance opportunities for new indoor facilities” and this new request, launched by Surrey United Soccer Club, fits the department’s own recommendations.

“The City is interested in a partnership and in the sport development opportunities that may be generated by such a facility at Cloverdale Athletic Park and would like to explore this opportunity and find a suitable proponent,” notes the report, submitted by Laurie Cavan, Parks and Rec. GM. “The facility could support practice and training opportunities for sports such as soccer, lacrosse, football or softball.”

The report says funding for the facility is available under the city’s five year capital program (2023-2027), which has $10.5 million earmarked in 2026-2027 for non-structure park improvements at CAP, such as parking lot paving and maintenance and sports field enhancements.

The next steps will include a consultation and feedback process involving other sporting groups and associations that use CAP.

“Staff will evaluate the proposals received and report back to council with recommended next steps.”

Surrey United is spearheading the drive to to build the indoor training facility.

The soccer club is proposing a 38,000 sq. ft. indoor turf training facility be built directly east of CAP #3 (where the current gravel field is now). They’re also proposing a new multi-sport, lit, turf-field be built south of the structure. As part of the new upgrade a new parking lot and intersection would also be put in along 64th Avenue (see image).

Jeff Clarke, sporting director for Surrey United, and other members of the club first made their proposal about it to Surrey City Council April 3.

In April, Clarke told the Cloverdale Reporter, the $89 million community fund, given to the city by the province in March, had more than enough to help fund the much-needed project.

“We’re targeting that fund and it wouldn’t have any impact on a typical 5-year plan,” he said.

Clarke estimates the project will cost about $15 million with $7.5 million going towards the building and the other $7.5 million going towards the new parking lot, fields, and a new intersection.

“We’re just asking the city to (put in) the parking lot and the turf fields as per their regular policy, ” explained Clarke. “The building will be solely on Surrey United’s operation and expense.”

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