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OUR VIEW: Wise Surrey owls pay attention to policy prior to voting

Big projects, if they ever do come to fruition, are not freebies

While in 37 B.C. communities voters will not have to tax their brains to pick the right choices for mayor in the Oct. 15 civic election, seeing as their lone candidates are a shoo-in on account of standing unopposed, Surrey voters on the other hand have their work cut out for them on election day.

No fewer than 84 candidates are seeking your vote in the Oct. 15 Surrey civic election. That’s eight mayoral candidates, 56 candidates for councillor and 20 who want to be a school trustee.

Considering Surrey voters’ unwieldy task, it would be wise to pay attention to policy rather than the proverbial chickens being promised for every pot.

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Remember, big projects, if they ever do come to fruition, are not freebies.

They will have to be paid for by you, the taxpayer. And these days, most people don’t have disposable money to throw away.

Imagine, for a minute, that politicians were not permitted to offer the populace the promise of shiny projects in exchange for votes. That a politician must instead be judged on the basis of such things as character, integrity, sagacity, accountability, selflessness.

Not a bad idea to give this exercise a go, and see what you come up with.

In the animal kingdom crows are attracted by shiny objects. Which is fine.

But better to be a wise owl, recognizing that you have a precious item of your own – your vote – to bestow on the most deserving of candidates. This will require some depth of thought.

Remember, we’re talking about the next four years. Don’t squander your vote.

– Now-Leader

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