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OUR VIEW: Never give up, Surrey

Friday, Aug. 18 has been proclaimed “Never Give Up Day” in Surrey
Photo: Tom Zytaruk

Friday, Aug. 18 has been proclaimed “Never Give Up Day” in Surrey.

So proclaimed by Mayor Brenda Locke, the timing of this item on Monday night’s city council agenda couldn’t have been lost on her as it appears, for the time being at least, that she’s entirely prepared to continue her pitched battle with Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth over who gets to police Surrey into the foreseeable future – the Mounties, or the Surrey Police Service.

That pressing issue aside, who among us couldn’t use a good healthy dose of Never Give Up every once in a while?

You know, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, get back in the game, forge ahead, never surrender, make headway, damn the torpedoes – full speed ahead, don’t throw in the towel, indomitability of the human spirit and all that stuff.

Fleetwood Mac even made a song about it.

On Mondays, it’s customary for mayors to make proclamations.

This is how Locke’s went:

“Never Give up Day – the City of Surrey proudly joins community members in celebrating Never Give Up Day on Friday, August 18, 2023. Never Give Up Day seeks to inspire community members to persevere and remember that even in hard times they can keep going and accomplish their goals.

“Now therefore be it resolved that I, Brenda Locke, do hereby declare August the 18, 2023 as Never Give Up Day in the City of Surrey.”

Certainly we all can appreciate the concept, which of course need not be confined to a single box on the calendar though it is nice someone thought to build a special day around it.

Never Give Up Day.

Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?


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