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OUR VIEW: Everyone knows Surrey is sexier than Calgary…

Surrey has been ranked Canada’s second sexiest city after Cow Town, but we know better
Aerial view of Surrey. (Photo:

We take great pride here at the Surrey Now-Leader for bringing you stories that are uncluttered with the stuff you’ll typically find in cow pastures.

Driven by an honest look at events and important issues as seen through the spotless lens of impartiality and a lust for truth.

That said, especially in light of this thing called fake news, which we at this newspaper so earnestly oppose, we were awestruck by the claim contained in the front-page story of this issue that Surrey plays second fiddle to Calgary – Calgary! – when it comes to being the sexiest city in all of Canada.


Just for a moment, let’s try to entertain the preposterous concept, according to the outfit that did the ranking, that Surrey actually is Canada’s second sexiest city after Cow Town.

Nope, can’t do it.

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That part where we won out over Ottawa, Winnipeg and a bunch of other cities is, of course, undeniably verifiable, indisputably irrefutable, incontrovertibly incontestable and down-home believably correct in every way, shape and form.

As for town rankings, Colwood ranked first followed by Courtenay, Parksville, Sidney, Williams Lake, Fort St. John, Prince Rupert then Terrace.

But really, who cares?

Not when Surrey’s rightful seat at the throne of sexiness has been usurped by that there city in Alberta.

Calgary sexier than Surrey?

Must have been a typo.


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