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LETTERS: Surrey’s political issues similar to 2005, but costlier



As a resident of Surrey for over 40 years, I am shocked to realize that we are dealing with the same political issues that we were faced with in 2005 when Doug McCallum was mayor, but the cost has escalated.

Issues back in the day:

• Irresponsible, rampant development, with the destruction of Surrey in the process;

• Trees and “protected” green spaces rapidly disappearing;

• Campbell Heights destruction;

• McCallum’s own municipal police force with no regard for the safety of citizens of Surrey.

Mayor McCallum has clearly demonstrated his total disregard and disrespect toward the constituents whom he was elected to represent.

Once again, McCallum is grasping at straws in his desperate bid for re-election. In the end, the results will be the same as in 2005.

Laurie Haliburton, Surrey