LETTER: Don’t punish all dog owners for the mistakes of a few

Patrick and Nancy Demwell think dogs (and their owners) are part of what makes North Delta's Huff Corridor special.

North Delta's Huff Corridor.

North Delta's Huff Corridor.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: the following is in response to the letter “Huff Corridor Going to the Dogs” from Dave and Joan Pearcey, published on March 23.)

We have lived on a property bordering the Huff Hydro Corridor for the past 25 years and we are very pleased to have the dog park at the back of our property. It has created a community with neighbours whom we would perhaps not have gotten to know, as well as providing many of us with a regular exercise routine with a furry fitness coach that can’t be refused.

Prior to the dog park, there were more frequent break-ins, garbage dumping including mattresses and appliances, and other undesirable activities. Dog walkers care about and take care of this space. They pick up garbage and other dogs’ poop, and literally patrol access to your back door during the day while you are at work. Everyone knows each other and strangers are noted.

The majority of dogs and their owners that frequent the dog park do conform to the rules, and in addition, if other dog walkers don’t know what is expected, experienced dog walkers let them know with a polite reminder.

Occasionally, there are people who just don’t get it or don’t have enough experience to control their dog. If you don’t want to deal with them or a delinquent dog, document and report it. Take a picture of the dog and the owner’s car if possible. Seek the names of witnesses. The animal control people want to help, and there are fines and consequences to be levied. Animal control just needs to know for sure which dog you are talking about.

There are always delinquents using all public areas. Punishing all for the failures of a few is the wrong way to go. Let’s try to tighten up the system that exists before lobbying for major change.

Patrick and Nancy Demwell, North Delta

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