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VIDEO: Halloween fireworks shot at University of Victoria partygoers

Halloween weekend parties saw crowds of up to 1,000 people on campus

Wild parties at the University of Victoria every weekend since the start of the semester – and the return to in-person instruction – culminated in a dangerous Halloween display that saw fireworks discharged at partygoers.

This past weekend, the university was home to large gatherings that saw crowds of up to 1,000 young persons descend on the campus. While fireworks were discharged at crowds, officers in a marked police vehicle were also surrounded by a mob, and there were multiple intoxicated youths who required medical attention by police and paramedics.

The escalation has the Saanich Police Department stepping up enforcement.

The Saanich Police Department is working with the university to prevent future gatherings on campus that are unsafe. Police will set up roadblocks and foot patrols on campus during the weekend to more rigorously enforce the Trespass Act, Liquor Control and Licencing Act, and other applicable statutes that apply.

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Const. Markus Anastasiades said gatherings of this nature have been occurring nearly every weekend since the beginning of the school year and it is the responsibility of those attending these gatherings to help create a safer environment.

Officers assigned to UVic duties have said that the violence and chaos continue to worsen.

One UVic student reached out to the Saanich Police Department and said they don’t feel safe on campus because of all the wild parties.

“They are extremely loud and I can never sleep at night. I have called twice since I moved in here but it is every weekend and I don’t know what else to do. I hope my car, which is in the middle of this huge wild crowd, is safe too. Why can this not be stopped? I know it bothers my neighbours too. It is really distressing. Thank you,” said the student.

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