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Two young men driving Mustangs busted racing in Surrey

Police say the men were going at least 120 kilometres an hour down King George Boulevard
(Pixabay photo)

SURREY — Two men are facing a slew of penalties after racing their Mustangs down Surrey’s King George Boulevard at high speeds.

Police say an Air One Helicopter spotted the two drivers around 1:15 a.m. near 88th Avenue heading south, and alerted patrol units on the ground.

The Mustangs were stopped shortly after they sped past the Newton Police Station near 72nd Avenue and King George Boulevard, according to police.

“They have a whole host of enforcement things they have to deal with,” said Corporal Scotty Schumann. “The speeds were estimated at a minimum of double the speed limit, so 120 kilometres or more. That was the average speed they calculated over the distance they were watched so they were definitely going much faster than that at points to reach that average.”

Both drivers had a history of speeding, he added.

The two men were slapped with $483 excessive speeding tickets, given a 15-day immediate roadside driver’s license prohibition, and the Mustangs (one a 2017, the other a 1999) were impounded.

“The superintendent of motor vehicles will be reviewing their licenses again to consider further prohibitions,” said Schumann. “In my experience, they are always prohibited further.”

Criminal charges are not being pursued, said Schumann.

“You would have to prove it was a danger to the public,” he explained. “In this case there were no accidents, they didn’t hit a pedestrian or come close to it, it was 1:15 in the morning so we can assume there is very minimal traffic…. So (charges) aren’t being pursued because we can only do one or the other.”

Schumann said it’s good no one was hurt.

“The area they were driving through, there’s a homeless population and a large number of addiction in the 6800-block area of King George who could be stumbling around in the middle of the night and not paying attention,” he said. “And cars coming up this quickly, you don’t notice them until they’re right there. It only takes a minute or two at these speeds.”