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Twitter account shows ‘exciting progress’ on Pattullo Bridge replacement

Crews working on main tower foundation
The Twitter account Pattullo Bridge Replacement has been giving updates on the contruction work of the new bridge. (Photo: pattulloproject/Twitter)

A Twitter account is giving near-weekly updates on the progress of the new Pattullo Bridge.

Pattullo Bridge Replacement (or @pattulloproject) has been up and running for about a year, and in recent months the account has been giving updates on the project on a weekly basis.

The latest tweets this week show pictures of the work being done on the main tower foundation on the Surrey side of the new bridge.

On March 15, Pattullo Bridge Replacement tweeted that “exciting progress is being made” on the main tower foundation and that crews have now completed the placement of 27 piles, installation of rebar and pouring the first layer of pile cap concrete foundation.

An update on March 18 gave a little bit more context on what work is being done for the main tower foundation.

“After the first layer of concrete is poured for the main tower foundation, the concrete needs to cure. Tarps are placed over the concrete and heaters are put on overnight to help with the curing process,” reads the tweet.

“Once the first layer is cured, the next layers can be poured!”

The $1.377-billion bridge, according to, is scheduled to open in 2024. The four-lane bridge will include “modern, wider lanes, separated by a centre median barrier” and dedicated walking and cycling lanes, separated from traffic by a barrier on both sides of the bridge.

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