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Tighter water restrictions welcomed: Metro Vancouver mayor

Darrell Mussatto says public consultation on a new water shortage response plan has yielded favourable views

If recent public consultations are any indication of how people in the Lower Mainland feel, then a new plan to further restrict water use during the warmer months will be a big hit.

That’s according to Darrell Mussatto, North Vancouver City mayor and chair of the Metro Vancouver utilities committee, after the regional district held four information events on a new proposal to response to water shortages.

“People are very passionate about water,” Mussatto said, noting those who attended supported even further restrictions than what’s on the table as well as installing more water meters.

“I would say 95 per cent or more are wanting to preserve this precious resource.”

The new plan, estimated to save three to five billion litres of water, would limit people to watering their lawns to two times a week, instead of three, between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m., from May to October.

Mussatto said that can make a big difference when 2.2 million residents are on board.

“All those little things add up."

Metro Vancouverites can still share their thoughts on the proposal until the end of the month online.

After that, regional district staff consider the feedback and make necessary changes, Mussatto said, before bringing the plan to the Greater Vancouver Water District board with recommendations in the spring.

Other recommendations include beginning the summer season regulations May 1, instead of May 15, and increasing restrictions for how often municipalities or school boards can water fields, school yards, golf courses, and car washes.

Typically, water reservoirs relay on snow caps to stay at sufficient levels until June 1, and then depend on run-offs from creeks and rain.

Despite more snow this winter, Mussatto said he expects the normal conditions this summer.


Water Shortage Response Plan Review – Update by Ashley Wadhwani on Scribd