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Servers on Segways in Surrey? Restaurant chain claims to be pairing the two

Servers could soon be bringing food and drinks to your table on a hoverboard – that is, if it's not an April Fool's joke

SURREY — Servers at some Surrey restaurants could soon be bringing food and drinks to your table on a Segway – that is, if the announcement is not an April Fool's joke.

On Friday – one day before April 1 – the Joseph Richard Group (JRG) announced filed municipal rezoning applications for renovations that would create extra required floor space for the Segways and hoverboards it wants its employees to use.

CEO Ryan Moreno says staff comfort has always been a core commitment of JRG. Perhaps with tongue firmly in cheek, he said staff members walk an average of 12 kilometres per shift.

"We believe that by creating a more comfortable work environment for them, we will create an even better guest experience for our customers."

According to JRG, the company is also reviewing logistical issues such as whether staff will be required to wear helmets.

The Now, which wasn't born yesterday, was unable to contact anyone with the company to ask about April Fool's.

JRG has three restaurants in Surrey, with a fourth opening soon in South Surrey.

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