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Pot shops get green light: District of Hope passes new bylaw allowing retail sale of cannabis

No ones speaks at public hearing on April 25; council adopts new regulations on May 9
A cannabis joint (Pixabay photo)

The District of Hope has given the green light to marijuana shops, finally allowing the retail sale of cannabis after discussions began back in 2018.

No one from the community spoke at the April 25 public hearing regarding the proposed bylaw change that incorporates marijuana retail sale into the same policy as liquor licensing. The bylaw change was subsequently adopted on May 9.

Hope residents may soon no longer have to travel all the way to Chilliwack to buy cannabis and cannabis-related products.

Shops will only be permitted in identified commercial zones, of which there are three, said Jas Gill, director of community development.

These zones were identified through previous committee meetings, Gill said, and take into account proximity setbacks from things like schools and other cannabis shops.

The new Cannabis & Liquor Licensing Policy will also make some updates to the liquor bylaws, which has not been updated since 2003.

Gill said it was better to integrate both bylaws into one policy as they follow similar processes.