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Police issue warning after seven car break-ins over the weekend

The two primary areas were the 11800 block of 74 Avenue and the 11600 block of Kitsen Park Way.

Delta Police are issuing a warning to car owners after a spate of thefts from vehicles this weekend.

The break-ins happened primarily in the 1800-block of 74 Avenue and the 11600-block of Kitson Parkway, although police note these thefts can happen anywhere.

Police are continuing to investigate these break-ins, increasing visibility and patrols in the area.

However, they are reminding people to treat their vehicles like convertibles. Temptations for theft can range from passports to loose change, and drivers should remove money, ID, iPads, cell phones, passports, purses, garage door openers and keys from their car.

Delta Police are also asking citizens to call and report any suspicious activity.