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PHOTOS: ‘Peace for All’: Harrison Hot Springs students rally for peace in Ukraine

Harrison Hot Springs Elementary students marched to raise awareness, funds for humanitarian aid

Harrison Hot Springs Elementary School students took to the streets of Harrison, raising their voices and banners of blue and yellow in the name of peace in Ukraine.

A small group of Leadership students at HHSES hosted the Walk for Peace on Friday, March 11, in hopes of raising awareness for the growing humanitarian crisis as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war. Additionally, the school is accepting donations to the United Nations Refugee Agency, a UN agency tasked with protecting refugees and assisting them in resettling into a new country.

In addition to wearing blue and yellow, many students created their own protest signs with slogans like “Build a better world,” “Stop the war!” and simply “Peace.”

Supporters applauded the students with horn honking and words of encouragement. After a walk through Harrison and around Harrison Lagoon, the Leadership students shared brief speeches advocating for an end to the war and return to peace.

“A world without peace is no world at all,” one of the students said through a megaphone to a listening crowd at Civic Plaza. “Try to stop bringing negativity into the world. Let’s start to try and do our parts to bring peace, kindness and positivity. Even though creating peace may seem hard, if we work together, nothing is impossible.”

To learn how you can help with the U.N. Refugee Agency, visit


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