UPDATED: North Delta Secondary code yellow lifted

UPDATED: North Delta Secondary code yellow lifted

Police seized an airsoft gun and separated two parties involved in an altercation

North Delta Secondary was put on a code yellow this afternoon, after two separate incidents occurred in a close time frame at the school.

School liaison officers and patrol separated two parties that were threatening each other inside the school. Police seized a CO2 powered pellet gun from one of the parties.

There was also a crash outside the school at 83 Avenue and 116 Street. At the time, police were not sure whether the two incidents were connected. The crash was not connected to the threat inside the school.

Public affairs coordinator Sharlene Brooks was informed of the code yellow at 12:55 p.m.

While the code yellow was in effect, no one was allowed to enter or exit the school and student movement was limited within the school.

The code yellow was lifted around 1:30 p.m. and classes have resumed as normal.

Delta police will remain on the scene for a while longer to gather information. No other schools were affected by the code yellow.