Vehicle traffic on Johnston Road will be limited next month. (File photo)

Vehicle traffic on Johnston Road will be limited next month. (File photo)

Johnston Road to close several days next month

City of White Rock said access to businesses will remain open

The City of White Rock will temporarily close Johnston Road, from North Bluff Road to Russell Avenue, for several days this month.

Announced on the city’s website Friday, the stretch of road will be closed to vehicle traffic Oct. 3-5, and Oct. 10-12 from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

“Phase 1 of Johnston Road Revitalization project is in its final weeks of construction and to complete the final items, Canadian Landscape and Civil Services Ltd. (CLCS) will require access to the full width of Johnston Road,” the city announcement stated.

Pedestrian traffic and access to businesses will remain open.

“We continue to be committed to ensuring pedestrians can access Johnston Road businesses; even if there may be intermittent sidewalk closures,” the announcement states.

The announcement says vehicle access will be limited to business delivery vehicles and emergency vehicles.

The scope of the work includes excavation, concrete work, back-fill and installation of streetlights.

Johnston Road was closed to traffic from Sept. 10-21 last month. Originally, the road was supposed to re-open Sept. 15, but the closure was extended until Sept. 21.