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Grizlee statue in White Rock damaged 2 months after replacement

The Grizlee bear statue got a makeover in May after sitting in East Beach for over 20 years

The newly replaced ‘Grizlee’ sculpture in White Rock is already experiencing vandalism after the bear’s eyes were badly scratched, less than two months after the statue was installed.

The 2,000-pound stone bear, which sits on East Beach, was first installed over two decades ago in memory of the late Lee Slavin, who was killed in a car crash in March 1998. The statue was donated by Slavin’s father, Frank, and has since become a popular attraction for visitors to White Rock.

Grizlee was damaged over the 20 years, especially on its nose and eyes, which sparked the need for replacement, concluding with an unveiling of the newly furnished bear on May 14.

In an email to Peace Arch News, Bommalu Kaim shared his observations of the current state of the statue, saying “someone’s been chipping away in the eyes, as well as parts of the body below.”

The Slavin family were more than happy to share the sculpture with the city of White Rock.

“(The people of White Rock) are the only ones that really count. The ones that enjoy it daily,” Cory, Slavin’s younger brother told Peace Arch News in May.

The sculpture was also viewed as a tribute to his late father, Cory shared on Facebook at the time.


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Sobia Moman

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