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Delta Police remind public to leave vehicles empty

“Leave it Empty” campaign has brought thefts-from-auto down, but rates are still higher than in 2016
(James Smith photo)

Delta Police are asking the public to help fight auto crime by making sure there’s nothing for criminals to steal.

After a spate of thefts-from-autos this past spring, the Delta Police Department its initiated “Leave it Empty” awareness campaign, encouraging citizens to leave their vehicles empty of any and all items.

While the spike in such thefts has not continued, police are still seeing slightly higher rates than in 2016. The number of thefts-from-auto does fluctuate, however there is still a smattering of these incidents occurring in both South and North Delta.

In most reported cases there was no damage to the vehicle, as it was left unlocked. There are also fewer reports where valuables are being stolen. However, in some cases valuables are still being left in vehicles, including wallets, passports, cameras and loose change.

Delta Police continue to encourage citizens to call and report any suspicious person and/or activity. Don’t approach or engage anyone, just be a good witness and provide as much detail as possible with respect to the situation and/or description of the suspicious person or vehicle you are reporting.

If you are a victim of a theft-from-auto, call the police right away. Do not drive the vehicle or wipe it down before police attend or you may be eliminating some forensic evidence that could be used to identify the suspect.

James Smith

About the Author: James Smith

James Smith is the founding editor of the North Delta Reporter.
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