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Delta Police post on Facebook about their ‘catch of the day’

Driver of nautically-decorated car ‘reeled’ in $368 ticket while speeding in Delta
Delta Police tweeted this photo of a car they busted speeding. They took full advantage of the humorous situation to remind people that speeding is “knot appropriate.” (Photo: Delta Police)

Delta Police tweeted out their “catch of the day” on Wednesday, a nautically-decorated vehicle going 130 kilometres per hour in an 80 zone on South Fraser Perimeter Road.

Check out the Delta Police #CatchoftheDay. This driver 'reeled' in a $368 ticket. Full Story: #Cantmakethisstuffup

— Delta Police (@deltapolice) June 14, 2017

“That translates into ‘a-boat’ 73 knots in a 43 knot zone,” wrote Delta Police in a Facebook post. “ The captain, aka the driver, was given a $368 ticket for excessive speed and based on the ‘accessories’ on his vehicle, and that it was clearly unsafe to other drivers on the road, the vehicle was impounded and will have to undergo a full inspection before it can return to the high…road.

“In all seriousness, due to the speed at which this vehicle was travelling and its condition, issuing a ticket and towing the vehicle was warranted and appropriate,” they added. “This ‘catch of the day’ serves as a reminder to all drivers to obey the posted speed limit on all roads and highways.”

They finished their post with the amusing - and appropriate - hashtag #speedknotappropriate.