Delta Museum and Archive Society wants your stories

Delta Museum and Archive Society wants your stories

The society is collecting stories, photos to help tell the story of Delta.

The Delta Museum and Archive Society is looking for Deltans to share their stories for Canada’s 150th anniversary.

“We wanted something that was grassroot-like,” society president Teresa Cooper said.

“It morphed into, why don’t we collect 150 memories, stories, thoughts from people in the community and share those with the rest of the community through social media.”

Starting July 1, the society plans on releasing one contributed memory every day until Dec. 31 on social media.

Those memories can be anything from 250 word stories to an old photograph that encapsulates what someone loves about Delta.

This collection of stories is one way the society is working to stay relevant. In July 2016, the society handed over the care of the museum to the Corporation of Delta. The society is now an advisory group for the museum, although it still owns the artifacts in the museum.

“With that change, we kind of stepped back and went, ‘What do we do now?’ What is our role, now that we’re not operating the museum?” Cooper said.

“It’s a conversation piece,” she continued, “but it’s also for us to feel like we are still a highly-functioning society that has a role in Delta.”

Stories can be submitted through the Delta Museum and Archive Society’s social media, by email at, or by submitting it to a society representative in person.

The society will have pop up booths at the North Delta Family Day celebration on June 25 and at the Kirkland House Canada Day celebrations in Ladner.

Story submissions will be accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year.