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Democracy Direct defines development policy platform

White Rock candidate group expands on highrise moratorium call
File photo Condominium resident Bill Vigars speaks to a crowd of more than 100 gathered at city hall in March of 2015 to protest White Rock’s privatization of multifamily garbage pickup – a decision Democracy Direct candidates say they will work toward reversing.

Following a White Rock city council meeting last week at which he and fellow candidate Erika Johanson were lambasted by Mayor Wayne Baldwin for calling for a moratorium on highrise development, Democracy Direct mayoral candidate Darryl Walker has issued details of the group’s platform on development policies.

In an email to Peace Arch News, Walker said Democracy Direct members would call for a moratorium “on the approval of any further highrises in White Rock until the completion of the 15 towers already approved to determine how neighbourhood liveability is being impacted by the densification.”

Walker added Democracy Direct would also call for a post-audit review of the 2017 Official Community Plan with “full, open and true public engagement…”

Other platform planks include the eventual restoration of city garbage and recycling collection for multi-unit residences and businesses – which was removed and left to owners in 2015 – as well as rescinding project approvals if proponents can’t get their development in place within two years of approval.

Also being examined by the group are measures to reduce the impact of new construction on residents and businesses, including a new policy for builders and contractors, a review of ways of using community amenity contributions to help, and insistence that age-friendly, disability-friendly, affordable housing policies in the new OCP are followed.

Democracy Direct is also campaigning for the restoration of council meeting question periods and limiting ‘in-camera’ meetings; full disclosure of water utility purchase and operation details; and reduction of wasteful spending through zero-based budgeting.

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