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SlimCrystal Reviews - Should You Buy Slim Crystal Water Bottle?

We drink tap and bottled water 99% of the time, which is poor quality, yet we have become oblivious to this fact over time. Most individuals believe that ‘safe’ or ‘natural’ drinking water is ‘dead’ water. Water is often obtained by collecting it from natural sources, transporting it long distances, and treating it to make it safe for drinking. Unfortunately, the result is ‘dead’ water devoid of nutrients and natural vitality.

We drink tap and bottled water 99% of the time, which is poor quality, yet we have become oblivious to this fact over time. Most individuals believe that ‘safe’ or ‘natural’ drinking water is ‘dead’ water. Water is often obtained by collecting it from natural sources, transporting it long distances, and treating it to make it safe for drinking. Unfortunately, the result is ‘dead’ water devoid of nutrients and natural vitality. It may provide insights into health issues, like the risk of harmful chemicals released from plastic water bottles, such as bisphenol (BPA), according to a post by Harvard.

Research shows that the consequences of consumption and sales of bottled water can have environmental and social impacts

Water loses its molecular structure as it becomes ‘dead.’ The hexagonal structure of ‘living’ water is the most crucial aspect. ‘Dead’ water, however, has enormous pentagonal molecular clusters that remain chaotic even after the water is frozen.

The body requires water’s crystalline hexagonal structure. It is a type of water found both inside and outside of bodily cells. As a result, consuming ‘alive’ water is advised because it is easily absorbed by the body’s cells. Instant absorption increases oxygen flow to the cells, allowing them to re-energize your body.

On the contrary, ‘dead’ water must be revitalized before it can be absorbed. The body must waste significant energy to reorganize it into the proper molecular structure for cell use. Taking dead water depletes the body’s energy reserves, which has several negative consequences, including decreased health, happiness, and life span. SlimCrystal protects you from these harmful consequences by reviving ‘dead’ tap and bottled water.

About SlimCrystal

SlimCrystal is the only company on the planet that makes slimming crystal water bottles. The bottles are designed specifically to restore the vigor of water and naturally transform it into water that is as fresh and energy-filled as spring water. Glass masters create the bottles, which are inspected and verified by scientists worldwide.

What Are SlimCrystal Bottles?

The SlimCrystal bottle is a water bottle that contains beautiful quartz crystals. The quartz crystals have energy characteristics that are strategically communicated to the water in the bottle, revitalizing it and increasing its utility in the human body.

This vital function in water is performed by quartz crystals, which have quantifiable electromagnetic frequencies. This attribute allows current quartz watches to perform as well as they do.

However, there are various quartz crystals in SlimCrystal bottles, each with unique properties and capacities. SlimCrystal producers used quartz crystals and discovered nine particular crystals with remarkable effects on the human body. Green aventurine, Clear Quartz, Red jasper, Amethyst, Carnelian, Red agate, Sodalite, Moonstone, and Citrine are among them.

What Are the Advantages of SlimCrystal Bottles?

The ability of the quartz crystals in SlimCrystal Water Bottles to revitalize the water benefits the body in various ways. Numerous advantages of drinking the regenerated water from SlimCrystal bottles have been discovered through tests and testimonials, including:

  • Healing properties for a variety of diseases
  • reducing hunger and cravings, improving food digestion, and assisting in body detoxification
  • Increasing self-confidence, inner strength, and a person’s perception of oneself.
  • Improving inner vibration to make a person happy and attract abundance.
  • Increasing a person’s health and supporting internal organs and their functions.
  • Increasing self-consciousness and assisting in the development of healthier eating habits
  • Improving people’s metabolisms and energy levels.

One of the most significant advantages is that it can assist people in losing weight. The water slimming qualities are provided by the quartz crystals. Slimming water is the most effective strategy to raise your resting metabolic rate. The water boosts this vital rate by roughly 23%, accelerating your weight-loss journey.

You can now turn regular water into slimming water and lose a few pounds. A SlimCrystal water bottle will ensure you get the hexagonal ‘alive’ water you need to lose weight more healthily. All nine quartz stones will help to improve your metabolism and supply everything you need to lose weight safely without arduous exercises or a restrictive diet.


Is SlimCrystal Safe?

Some people believe the bottle contains supernatural energies because of a change in the chemical components of drinking water. Others believe that slimming water combines several dissolved minerals in drinking water, which may harm one’s health. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The quartz crystals do not come into touch with the water and do not contribute any nutrients. Instead, the electromagnetic frequencies they transmit into the water pass through the glass, removing any possible chemical contamination.

Every SlimCrystal container is designed to securely convert tap and bottled water into slimming water. Within 10-14 minutes, the bottles modify the molecular structure of the water. You can reap the full effects in about a quarter-hour.

The quartz raises the water’s PH, making it less acidic and facilitating your body’s activities. It also boosts the oxygen content of the water. The resulting slimming water is safe to drink and contains extra oxygen, dramatically increasing your energy levels within minutes. You won’t have to worry about potential adverse effects because none exist.

Many consumers ask how hard it is to clean a SlimCrystal Bottle. According to the company, everything can be washed in the dishwasher except for the inner glass chamber, and the bottom of the bottle should be hand washed using soapy water.

Where Can I Buy SlimCrystal?

SlimCrystal bottles benefit people who want to boost their energy, lose weight, and improve their overall health. The bottles can be purchased on the SlimCrystal website.

  • One SlimCrystal Bottle + One Free Bonus Bracelet: $117 + $9.95 Shipping
  • Two SlimCrystal Bottles + Two Free Bonus Bracelets + Three Extra Bonuses: $197 + Free Shipping

With a purchase of two SlimCrystal bottles, customers get three free health eBook bonuses:

  • Slim Over 55: Aline P, a certified weight loss coach, created this eBook for women over 50.
  • Healthy Fat Loss Desserts Cookbook: An eBook that teaches how to simultaneously eat dessert and lose weight.
  • 57 Secrets to Reverse Aging: This eBook teaches consumers how to use spices, herbs, and teas to reduce aging, increase energy and look and feel years younger in weeks.

When purchased individually, one bottle costs $117 plus shipping. The better price is to buy two for $97 apiece, three additional guides covering additional health and wellness topics, and free shipping. Buyers should keep up to speed on the current deals because the company frequently adds new perks and posts them on the website.

A 60-day money-back guarantee backs SlimCrystal. For more information, contact customer service or ClickBank for order support via:

  • Email:

SlimCrystal Conclusion

The theoretical approach, scientific test results, and customer feedback all support the purchase of SlimCrystal bottles. The bottles are also fashionable and constructed of glass, which makes them non-reactive. However, because glass is brittle, users must exercise caution. Overall, each SlimCrystal bottle is worth every penny. Visit the official website and try SlimCrystal today!