Dr. Ashleigh Lane at Arc Integrated Medicine has a passion for women’s health, and wants the women of North Delta to know relief is possible.

Connecting with women for custom care

North Delta naturopathic doctor focuses on women’s health through life’s hormonal changes

When Dr. Ashleigh Lane chose the name Arc Integrated Medicine for her clinic seven years ago, she envisioned an electric arc of light connecting two surfaces. Naturopathic medicine varies considerably between doctors, and in Dr. Lane’s practice the connection — or arc — between doctor and patient is crucial.

Dr. Lane grew up in North Delta, and it was her connection to the community that led her to focus on women’s health.

“There’s an overwhelming need for it here. There aren’t a lot of great options for women in the area. Plus I find fertility, menopause and other women’s health issues fascinating,” she says.

Arc Integrated Medicine now has four Naturopathic Doctors serving North Delta with a variety of interests from joint pain to digestive challenges, skin conditions and more. Dr. Lane helps women at all ages find relief from things like PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, thyroid disorders and other aspects of women’s health.

Menopause and Perimenopause

Hot flashes, insomnia, increased anxiety… menopause can be relentless. For decades medical practitioners have told patients to grit their teeth and wait it out, but Dr. Lane wants women to know relief is possible.

“A lot of the time my patients’ symptoms improve within a few weeks! It can be a really simple fix,” she says. “In menopause your hormone levels drop significantly, and sometimes they fall off too steep of a cliff. If we bring them back up a bit we can give your body time to adjust, then slowly bring them down over time.”

In your first appointment you’ll spend an hour with Dr. Lane discussing all aspects of your health to get a complete picture of contributing factors. The root cause of your symptoms is unique to you, and Dr. Lane will suggest treatments customized to your body.

“Hormone therapy is often low risk for a high return on quality of life.”


When you’re trying to have a baby, it can be daunting to make the jump from the broad knowledge of your GP to expensive procedures at a fertility clinic. Dr. Lane can bridge the gap.

“We look for the root cause of your fertility issues through lab work, and investigating your diet and lifestyle,” Dr. Lane says. “There are a lot of different ways we can help.”

Through infertility some women learn they have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and treating that can help regulate ovulation. Other women may make diet changes to improve egg health. If the issue is sperm health, Dr. Lane can help with that too.

“Even if patients choose to visit a fertility clinic later, our treatments can be complementary to those procedures.”

Schedule an appointment to learn more about naturopathic medicine, or visit arcintegratedmedicine.com. Call 604-424-9700 or book an appointment at smartnd.ca.

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