MAP: Best places to trick-or-treat in Surrey

MAP: Best places to trick-or-treat in Surrey

Looking for the best place to trick-or-treat in Surrey? The city’s open data website has you covered

Trick-or-treating is a yearly tradition that all children look forward to.

Adults? Well maybe if we were in on the free candy gig, things would be different.

If you’re looking to fill up your kids’ bag as soon as possible, Census mapper is here to help you trick-or-treat with efficiency.

According to their website, over 150,000 Canadians used the map last year to figure out how much candy to buy or where to trick or treat.

In Surrey, the area that has the most trick-or-treat aged children in Surrey is near 100th Avenue and 148th Street. Guilford has a couple other notable areas up by 152nd Street and 100 Avenue and 148th Street and 104 Avenue.

Areas in Newton pop up next on the list, with the busiest area in that catchment being around 140th Street and 76th Avenue.

The estimates are based on how many children within trick-or-treating age live in that neighbourhood. Children from the age of three to 14 are considered to be withing trick-or-treat age.

Check out the map to see where your neighbourhood ranks.

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