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Music shop owner chats about life, music, and his recent Clovie Award win

Bill Haggerty is thankful to everyone who has supported Elevated Music
Bill Haggerty stand in his music shop, Elevated Music, with his 2021 Clovie Award. Haggerty won the award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year. (Photo: Malin Jordan)

Welcome to “Cloverdale In Conversation,” a regular feature with a local personality. This week, Bill Haggerty is our guest. Bill is the owner of Cloverdale’s Elevated Music and he recently won a Clovie Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Bill talks about his Clovie win, what ignited his love for music, and how Elevated Music got its start.

Malin Jordan: Tell me a little bit about yourself? Where’d you grow up?

Bill Haggerty: I grew up in Surrey, around the Newton area. Graduated from Sullivan Heights Secondary in 2004.

MJ: What things/events/people helped shape who you are? Or any mentors or others that had a big influence on you as a person?

BH: I’d say a big element was my early introduction and love for music. I started playing drums around the age of eight and was playing in bands by 12 years old. I started collecting records around the same time. Playing in punk bands, prog rock bands, metal, blues, and even live hip hop, this gave me a unique perspective and a diverse exposure to all cultures of music that contributed huge to who I am today.

MJ: You said you were “absolutely thrilled” to be nominated for a Clovie Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year and that “It is a real honour to be recognized alongside side the other great businesses and entrepreneurs in the community.” How does it feel now that you’ve won?

BH: It feels amazing. To have it after our first year with the shop, I’m ecstatic!

MJ: What does this mean for you and your business going forward?

BH: It’s great. This is just the beginning for the shop. So to have this award at this point is fantastic. Now we just stay doing what we’re doing, but pushing the threshold of our ideas for the brand and the shop to the next level. I have a lot cooking behind the scenes of the record shop.

MJ: You opened Elevated in the middle of the pandemic. You’ve achieved great success already in the short year you’ve been open. What can you tell readers about Elevated Music?

BH: Elevated Music is a family owned and operated record shop and culture spot in Cloverdale opened Aug.t 14, 2020. We specialise in vinyl LPs, 45s, cassettes, and CDs. We also have music memorabilia.

The brand “Elevated Music” started in 2011 as a vessel for my studio work and live events. We are always buying collections of any size and have over 15,000 records in store and can bring in anything you’re after that is still in print. We are passion driven and love what we do and how it connects us with the community.

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MJ: What can people expect to find when they visit your shop?

BH: When people visit, they can expect to find a friendly, clean and organized record shop.

MJ: You said you’ve been a musician your whole life, that you eat/sleep/breathe music culture and community. How does this inspire you in what you do at the record shop?

BH: It’s super inspiring. Having that history creates an authentic connection with the community. I absolutely love what I do.

MJ: … And with what you do in the recording industry?

BH: In the recording industry, I offer recording, mixing, and music production. Creating instrumentals for other artists has been a huge part—aside from recording musicians and mixing their work. I also mentor artists and have provided live opportunities for people to perform and showcase their talent, setting up live events.

MJ: What does this mean, in a practical sense, for the community?

BH: In a practical sense I feel the passion brings a very real and ethical element to our shop and what we do. Focusing on fair pricing where used records are cleaned graded and priced based on condition. People can have peace of mind and trust when they shop with us.

MJ: You opened this shop with your wife Jenn. What can you tell me about her and what type of influence has she had on the shop and you?

BH: Jenn is a huge music fan, a makeup artist, and massive supporter of what I do. She has been a huge influence and such a positive effect on everything Elevated Music. Having anyone in your life that supports what you do, especially in music, is key to being successful. She was the other half that helped put the shop together. She aided and contributed to the building and fabrication of the entire store. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her unconditional support.

MJ: Anything you’d like to add?

BH: I’d like to add a special thank you to everyone who has supported Elevated Music—whether it be at the shop or (people that have) been in touch with my work over the years­—thank you so very much. This is just the beginning.

Elevated Music is located at 17684 57 Avenue in Cloverdale. Visit for more info. Find Elevated Music on Instagram at @elevatedmusicshop.

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