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Lumagica light festival returns to Cloverdale Fairgrounds

Festival kicks off Nov. 25, runs to Dec. 30
Lumagica returns to the Cloverdale Fairgrounds Nov. 25 and runs until Dec. 30. (Photo: submitted)

Lumagica is back for a second year.

The light festival returns to the Cloverdale Fairgrounds with both an outdoor light circuit and an indoor festival area.

Shafiq Jamal, Lumagica spokesperson, said the event is back after organizers had such a great response from the public last year.

“People, whether first-time visitors or those returning, will be amazed by Lumagica’s light show,” Jamal said. “This year, we’ve focused on the theme ‘European Holiday Lights,’ so it will showcase the best of global destination lighting.”

Jamal said they’re building on last year by elevating the experience in every facet of the festival. He said the food, music, and vendor experience will be augmented for the public this year. And some things, such as food options, will be available across the Fairgrounds.

“It’ll be a real treat for people that want to enjoy a wholesome Christmas experience,” Jamal added.

Lumagica will have everything from casual to light gourmet fare around the grounds and visitors will be able to find some “unusual and one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts” to purchase from local artisans and vendors.

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“There was more of a broader external walkthrough last year, but this year, what we’ve done, is focused more on capturing the spirit of Christmas and the magic of the holidays inside the main part of the festival,” explained Jamal.

He said people will still be able to stroll around on the outside perimeter circuit past the Bill Reid Millennium Amphitheatre—and those light displays will again be big, bold, and exciting. As an added bonus, visitors will also find casual food options available as they walk the outdoor route.

“Really, the magic, the wholesome piece, the jewel, comes to the fore when you enter main part of festival area in the (Agriplex),” he explained. “It all comes together there. There’ll be lots of stations. There’s a Santa station, a balloon station. There’ll be a candy cane man and an ice cream server walking on stilts. And we’ll have mischievous elves running around.”

Jamal said there will be music too, with live entertainment covering musical genres such as: country and western, Celtic, jazz, pop, and soul.

He said both young and old alike will be “intrigued and enchanted” at Lumagica this year.

“The scenic photos that you’ll be able to capture will be nothing short of magical,” added Jamal. “The lighting is quite spectacular. And we’ve achieved that with a low carbon footprint. The lights don’t use a lot of power, but the illumination is very bright.”

Lumagica runs from Nov. 25 to Dec. 30 on the Cloverdale Fairgrounds with the main show hall set in the Agriplex.

Jamal said new this year is a season’s pass, priced between $30-$45 depending on age. Single-entry tickets range from $12 to $22 and family passes run from between $55-$60.

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