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B.C. man builds miniature ‘Schitt’s Creek’ out of vintage children’s toys

Nanaimo’s Todd Cameron previously had viral success with stop-motion video
Nanaimo man Todd Cameron and his son Jack play with a miniature replica of Schitt’s Creek Cameron made from vintage children’s toys. (Photo courtesy Nicole Cameron)

In the CBC comedy Schitt’s Creek, a father gifts the town of Schitt’s Creek to his son. It’s a gesture being repeated by a Nanaimo man, who built a miniature version of Schitt’s Creek to give to his own son.

For the past five months, Todd Cameron has been turning his collection of vintage children’s toy sets into a tribute to his favourite TV show by repainting buildings and figurines to resemble the town of Schitt’s Creek and its residents. It all started when Cameron realized one of his sets looked like a building from the show. He said once he gets an idea, “it doesn’t really let go until I bring it to life.”

“Before I had even gone part-way into the first building I started looking at my other Fisher Price buildings and it just started coming to me which ones resembled the other iconic buildings from the show,” Cameron said. “I started working on a few of the other ones and it kind of snowballed from there.”

Cameron said the project took at least 200 hours to complete – “Pretty much all my spare time” – as he customized all the buildings inside and out and decorated the figures. Last week he posted some pictures of his tiny Schitt’s Creek on social media and he’s received positive feedback from other fans as well as some cast members. People have also asked to buy the set, but Cameron said it means too much to him.

“It’s been really an outpouring of love from the world,” Cameron said of the response. “And I haven’t seen one negative comment about our project yet, which is quite unusual in this day and age to look through an internet comment section and not see anything negative whatsoever.”

This is Cameron’s second Schitt’s Creek project involving his toy collection. Last year he found viral success after posting a stop-motion music video homage to the show online. Cameron said he’s watched through the series five times.

Schitt’s Creek is just the perfect mix of comedy and heart,” he said. “There are so many episodes where I’ll find myself just bust over laughing and also in the same episode tearing up from the emotion of the family coming together.”

Although the set is finished, Cameron isn’t done with it. He’s now recreating scenes from the show in still images and he has plans for further stop-motion videos. Cameron’s work can be found on his Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok accounts.

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