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Washrooms at Cloverdale Athletic Park remain closed

Doors have been locked for about a month
The washrooms at Cloverdale Athletic Park have been closed for about a month. (Photo: Malin Jordan)

The washrooms at Cloverdale Athletic Park have been closed for about a month.

A representative for the Parks Dept. told the Cloverdale Reporter, “the washrooms were closed temporarily” after the big snow storm the night of Nov. 29 because of “snow and ice conditions.”

However, the washrooms have not reopened and some park users aren’t happy about it.

One woman, Jabeen (last name withheld upon request), told the Reporter Jan. 5, that she walks her dog in the park everyday and has been unable to use the washroom for more than a month.

The city said the washrooms have remained closed after the initial storm because, at some point in December, a pipe burst in one of the washrooms.

But Jabeen said the city’s answer is unacceptable. She said if a pipe burst early in December, then it should have been fixed by now. If the pipe burst recently, the washrooms should have been reopened after the initial storm.

“Why didn’t (the city) open them right after the first big snow?” she asked. “To me, there’s no reason keeping them closed for so long.”

The Parks Dept. representative told the Reporter port-a-potties have been set up at Cloverdale Athletic Park for people to use until the washrooms are fixed.

“Have you ever tried to use a port-a-potty in cold weather, forget -5?” Jabeen said. “With a heated building next door, (the city) should have made every effort to get those washrooms open as soon as possible. It’s been so cold.”

A restoration company was on-site Jan. 6 working on the male washroom on the west side of the building.

The city did not say when the washrooms will reopen.

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