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Two 100-year-old former POWs to lay wreaths during Remembrance Day ceremony in Cloverdale this year

Veterans’ square closed to general public; City of Surrey to livestream event
World War II Veteran and POW Hans Andersen, then 98, lays a wreath for POWs at the Cloverdale Cenotaph in 2019. This year, Andersen and another former POW, Rick Deck will both lay wreaths at the Cloverdale Cenotaph. Both men turned 100 this year. (Photo: Malin Jordan)

Two centenarians will lay wreaths at Cloverdale Cenotaph on Remembrance Day this year.

Both Hans Anderson and Rick Deck are former POWs and both men turned 100 earlier this year.

Andersen was captured on the Hitler Line in Italy in 1944 and spent about a year as a prisoner of war.

Deck had to jump out of his plane after it got hit by enemy fire and was captured by the Germans in January of 1945.

“The most exciting thing for us, is that Anderson and Deck will each lay wreaths for POWs,” said Earle Fraser, service officer for the Cloverdale Legion.

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The Remembrance Day service at the Cloverdale Cenotaph will be closed to the general public again this year, but people can watch it on online again too, as the City of Surrey will live-stream the event on their Facebook page at

The ceremony will begin on Nov. 11 at 10:30 a.m. and run until about 11:30 a.m.

Only about 50 people will be allowed in Veterans’ Square Nov. 11.

“We will have microphone set up this year,” added Fraser. “So people on the TV will be able to hear what’s going on.”

Legion representatives and other dignitaries will lay wreaths, such as those for the Silver Cross Mothers, the provincial government, the City of Surrey, the RCMP, and more.

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