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Stolen bunny butt in Langley leads to viral post

Restaurant has given ultimatum to the rabbit bandit

“Return the bunny butt within 48 hours or the video will be posted to social media.”

A Langley restaurateur has given this ultimatum to a guest who stole a taxidermy rabbit butt hung as a decoration on a wall in the eatery.

The theft happened on Monday, April 25 at Haven Kitchen + Bar, a family-owned restaurant known for its Alice in Wonderland-themed decor.

Losing the bunny butt is a big deal for Hayley Ruscheinski, who bought the item off eBay and hung it on the gallery wall in the upstairs mezzanine.

“It is a one of a kind piece,” said Ruscheinski, the restaurant’s general manager.

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Right after one of the waitresses broke the news to the management, Ruscheinski ran to the parking lot to catch the person and get the butt back. When that failed, the staff posted the news on their Instagram page.

Within a day, the post drove many of their followers crazy – requesting the restaurant release the clip on social media.

“I kept my kid home from daycare to watch what’s about to go down,” read one of the comments.

“Expose them. I’m so excited.” read another.

With the 48-hour deadline set to expire today (Friday), and people were waiting for the reveal. A disappointment for many, however, Ruscheinski shared that the person who stole the bunny butt finally returned the calls and text messages from the restaurant.

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“We haven’t gotten it back yet, but we have talked to them and they said they are going to return it,” Ruscheinski announced.

The staff is hoping that the guest will do what they promised and return the bunny butt soon. If not, the option to release the video footage is still on the table, Ruscheinski shared.


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