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Record Store Day resounding success at Elevated Music

Inaugural RSD Easter Egg hunt will be expanded next year

Record Store Day was another resounding success at Elevated Music, according to store owner Bill Haggerty.

“RSD was insane,” Haggerty told the Cloverdale Reporter via email. Haggerty said it was first-come, first-served at his shop as eager patrons lined up to get in.

RSD, as Record Store Day is also known, attracts large crowds seeking hard-to-get titles. RSD was held April 23. The event was created several years ago with the goal of supporting and promoting independent records stores (like Cloverdale’s Elevated Music). Many new records and limited-edition pressings are released exclusively on Record Store Day, making the sales day an eagerly anticipated event.

This year Haggerty infused a little Easter spirit into his Record Store Day sale after he decided to hide Easter Eggs around Cloverdale.

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Elevated Music’s Easter Egg hunt rewarded egg finders with limited-edition tickets for a chance to win limited-edition records. The highly-sought-after tickets were hidden inside eggs around the downtown area and Haggerty released clues to their location prior to RSD.

Haggerty said he’ll do it again and next year’s egg hunt will be even bigger as he plans to expand it.

Record Store Day is a bit of a big deal to record collectors. The day “supports and promotes independent records stores around the globe,” Haggerty told the Reporter in April. “There are limited-edition releases that will be exclusive to that day.”

On Instagram, Bill and Jenn Haggerty thanked their customers after RSD.

“Sending out massive thank yous to all of you!” they wrote. “We are so incredibly grateful for all of your support, love and appreciation! This RSD was the biggest turn out yet! We do this because we love it, music, culture, community, having a shop where we connect with y’all, for us to share our musical passions with you and connect over yours is priceless. Thank you all again for supporting the Elevated Music brand and hanging out for another amazing RSD!”

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