Owner of budgie found in South Surrey located

Owner of budgie found in South Surrey located

Steve Fox says he thought a predator had claimed his feathered friend

The owner of a budgie that was found in a South Surrey park last month and rehomed weeks later in Squamish has come forward.

And while the man, his wife and granddaughter travelled to Squamish Monday to see their feathered friend, they ultimately decided it “was in (the bird’s) highest happiness” to remain with her new adopted family.

“I didn’t go out there to claim her,” Steve Fox told Peace Arch News Wednesday of his commute to see the green-and-yellow bird that he had adopted in July from a woman in Nakusp.

“I really wanted to take Mossy… (but) I kind of already knew.”

Surrey resident Kim Waite launched a quest to locate the budgie’s owner after learning the bird had been found in Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest.

She met the budgie during a visit to the Surrey Animal Resource Centre, later describing it to PAN as “so friendly I know whoever lost it gave it lots of time and love and attention.”

She contacted PAN for help spreading the word. In the meantime, a friend of Waite’s in Squamish took the budgie in, named her Bobby and adopted a male to give her companionship.

Fox said a friend alerted his wife to a news story on a found budgie.

“I just couldn’t believe (it),” he said.

He said Mossy slipped out on Sept. 11, flying into trees behind his home, located in the 16300-block of 8 Avenue.

While he tried for two hours to lure her back whistles, when she stopped responding, “I thought she had been taken out” by a predator.

“She must’ve been smart enough after hearing that to shut up,” he said.

Fox does not know how the budgie survived six days outside on her own, but said he is glad to know she is safe and happy, and to know that “the welcome wagon mat’s out there” to stop in for a visit should he ever be back in Squamish.

Waite described the happy ending as “a group effort of many that paid off.”

“I’m so glad he didn’t have to suffer his lifetime over this little bird he clearly loved,” she told PAN.


Mossy (right), aka Bobby, with her new companion, Bob, in Squamish. (Contributed photo)

Mossy (right), aka Bobby, with her new companion, Bob, in Squamish. (Contributed photo)