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Lotus Terminals donates nearly 700 pairs of socks, along with cash, to Cloverdale Community Kitchen

Local business owners say it’s important to support local charities
Staff and management from Lotus Terminals donated 675 pairs of socks and more than $500 to the Cloverdale Community Kitchen (CCK) Dec. 12. Socks fill the sacks on the ground and the pickup truck behind. From left: Matthew Campbell (CCK), Glen Anweiler, Prab Bal, Ricky Bal, Saran Bal, Lorena Griffith, Lindsay Rempel (CCK), and Bob Meredith (dressed as Santa). This is the third year in a row Lotus has donated to CCK. (Photo: Malin Jordan)

Lotus Terminals was back at the Cloverdale Community Kitchen this week with another donation.

The local business, on 52nd Avenue, has been giving socks and cash to the Community Kitchen every Christmas for several years now.

In total, Lotus gifted 675 pairs of socks and $542 to help the Kitchen help the homeless.

Ricky Bal, COO of Lotus Terminals, said it’s important for local businesses to support local charities.

“We are part of this community, we spend so much time here, and we see the impact these donations make,” he explained. “Socks—something we may take for granted—make a big difference for people that are less fortunate.”

Lotus Terminals was recently recognized for their charitable efforts with a Clovie nomination at the Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce awards ceremony held Nov. 16 at Hazelmere Golf & Tennis Club.

“We don’t do it for the recognition, but it’s nice when it happens,” Prab Bal, CEO of Lotus Terminals, said about the nomination. “What’s really important to us is that everyone comes together as a team and gets involved and supports a good cause.”

Saran Bal, founder of Lotus, said charitable initiatives are great because they often inspire people to give.

“If everyone can give a little bit, we can raise a lot,” Saran explained. “Sometimes people don’t always think about (charitable efforts), so when we do something like this, it can really motivate people.”

Saran said he hopes his team can do even more next year. Each year Lotus has donated socks and cash, they’ve topped the previous year’s donations. Saran added the company is also thinking about donating jackets at some point too.

Lotus Terminals’ Bob Meredith, who came to the sock drop dressed as Santa, said the fundraiser really works because of his company’s support.

“Being charitable means giving without strings attached,” he said. “The Lotus family and the Bal family do it that way. There’s no expectations of anything in return. This is about giving to the community, nothing more.”

Lorena Griffith, who also works at Lotus, said she’s thankful to be able to work for a business that finds it important to give back to the community.

“It’s awesome to work for a company that matches your personal values,” she said.

Field operations manager Glen Anweiler, said everyone who works in the yard at Lotus really jumped on board the fundraising side of the drive this year.

“I only mentioned it to them once and they came up with a bunch of money,” Glen said. “It speaks to the compassion of not only management, but the whole workforce at Lotus.”

Anweiler said Lotus is going to look at possibly doing a summer charity drive to augment their Christmas initiative.

“It’s so simple to do and it makes a big difference,” Glen added. “That’s the big thing.”

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