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Happy Herd Farm looking for volunteers

Animals at Aldergrove’s Happy Herd need pumpkin drop-off, Monday, Nov. 1.
The pigs at Happy Herd Farm getting ready to eat their favourite snack (Aldergrove Star files)

Aldergrove’s Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary is looking for volunteers.

Diane Marsh, co-founder said, she’s looking for around 10 volunteers to help her pick up pumpkins to bring back to the farm on Monday, Nov. 1.

“I’m hoping to have 10 volunteers and four cars to be able to drive around and pick up the pumpkins around town to bring back for the animals,” said Marsh.

Marsh has places including, Maan Farms, The Apple Barn, and multiple local grocery stores donating pumpkin to the farm, but so far she only has four volunteers helping out.

“We collect 400 to 500 pumpkins each year after Halloween but we need people to be able to go out and collect them all,” she said.

The farm uses the pumpkins as treats for the animals, the pumpkins typically last from Nov. 1 to the end of December.

“The animals love pumpkin, the pigs usually devour them, but chicken and cows love it as a snack too,” she said.

People wanting to volunteer can email Diane at

“The pumpkins are always a big deal for the animals but I really need the extra help,” Marsh added.

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