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Community support pours in for Cloverdale girl attacked by other teens

GoFundMe, drive-by event organized for support
Support is pouring in for the victim of a brutal attack outside Hillcrest Elementary School May 7, including a GoFundMe. (Image via

Support is pouring in for the teen victim of an attack outside a local school last weekend.

Now Cloverdale’s Mckayle Fallowfield has set up a GoFundMe and a drive-by support event is planned for May 15.

“I’m hoping that our community and friends would like to come together, not only to show (her) that we as a community stand with her and others who’ve been bullied, but to show her compassion and love,” Fallowfield wrote on “My ultimate goal would be to raise enough not only for possible counselling fees but to replace the things that were broken, stolen and damaged.”

After the victim was attacked outside Hillcrest Elementary School, a video of the attack was posted to social media.

“She was left with a concussion, broken nose, possible broken ankle and many bloody scrapes and bruises that covered her body. And traumatic emotional and mental trauma,” Fallowfield added.

In the video, the attackers swarm and beat the 15-year-old. Later they chase her and, after backing her up against a fence, make her drop to her knees and kiss their feet.

According to Surrey RCMP, one youth was arrested with charges pending.

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“Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I’m upset. And I need to focus on my daughter, but this is happening to other kids and no one is speaking for them,” said the victim’s mom.

Both the mother’s and daughter’s identities are protected by the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

“If I don’t speak up and make my daughter’s (story) as big and as loud as I can, this girl is going to get away with it.”

The mother said other parents are coming forward with videos and stories of their own children being assaulted.

“Two moms called me yesterday, who are parents of kids that go to Salish and Clayton, and they sent me videos of the same girl beating their kids.”

The mother said her daughter wants to start a Facebook page so other teens that have been victims can reach out to her for help. Her daughter also wants to use the money being raised to also help other victims by taking them out for a spa day or a night in a hotel.

“My daughter is lying in bed with two black eyes and a broken nose and the only thing she wants to do is help the teens that have been victims,” said the mom

She thinks if parents weren’t scared to speak about bullying, this attack could have been prevented. Parents are often worried their kids will suffer even more at school after speaking out, so victims and parents choose to stay silent.

She said this mentality has to change.

“Kids say ‘Snitches get stitches,’ but parents need to get over that. They need to be loud. They need to be as loud as I am. We need to start shutting down that stigma.”

She said hundreds of kids have already come together to support her daughter.

But while the physical assault is over, the cyber bullying continues. She shared a social media screenshot that shows the alleged assailant is still threatening her daughter.

“She posted pictures of my daughter unconscious and bloodied online, making fun of her. She was up against the fence, unconscious.”

The mother said the whole attack hurt even more when she found out an adult walked by and didn’t intervene.


Supporters are also planning a drive-by show of support for the victim on May 15.

Organizers are asking supporters to marshall at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds at 10 a.m.

“Feel free to decorate your vehicles, make supportive signs, and honk as loudly as you can as we drive by,” reads a post on Facebook. The mother said they’re going to be on the corner of 58A Avenue and 176th Street.

Even though things are difficult now, the mother is trying to take a longer view on the assault.

“I need to keep this going. If I can keep this story big, then there’s no way this (person) can get away with this.

“If they walk away without charges, this community is going to explode.”

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