5 to start your day

5 to start your day

Teen hit with baseball bat in New Westminster, Chilliwack implements new rules at rodeo and more

1. B.C. cities want more money, and more talk, on legal pot

Ahead of the annual Union of B.C. Municipalities convention in Vancouver Sept. 27, mayors are wanting to make sure they too are ready for pot legalization next year. See more >

2. Teen hit with baseball bat in New Westminster

Police are looking for witnesses after a man chased a group of teenagers down the street with a metal baseball bat. See more >

3. Chilliwack rodeo to continue controversial events with rule changes

New rules come in response to a campaign by the Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) to ban what the society called “inhumane” events. See more >

4. NDP caps party donations at $1,200 per person

A new bill makes individual donation maximums the second-lowest limit in Canada, as well as bans union and corporate donations. See more >

5. Equifax cyberattack could impact 100,000 Canadians

Personal data – from names and addresses to credit card information – could have been compromised in a summer attack, the company has now announced. See more >