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LETTER: My Christmas wish is that we learn to stop – and bring COVID to end

If we refrain from travelling and ensure to get vaccinated, we might stop COVID from spreading

The Editor,

So here it is, Christmas time again. It is a time that should represent peace and calm.

Instead we have mayhem in the world. COVID with all it’s variants, anti-vaxxers; weather like we’ve never seen before, threatening gangs. The list goes on for miles. It seems each year the world becomes a more challenging place.

My wish this Christmas is for all of us – the entire world – to stop.

Just stop.

Don’t travel, get your vaccine, stop COVID from spreading and developing further.

Hopefully then we can conquer one negative thing in this world. Can we do this? Likely not – but I will continue to wish for this even after Christmas has passed.

Merry Christmas.

Bev Fenton, Surrey


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