LETTER: Answering questions about Sunshine Village mega-homes

Richard Hobbs answers some of the questions posed in another reader's letter regarding the proposed rezoning of Sunshine Village.

(EDTIOR’S NOTE: This letter is in response to Gary Swartz’s letter “Sunshine Village rezoning would make every house a ‘mega-home’” in the Jan. 19 issues of the North Delta Reporter.

For more on the proposed rezoning, see “Residents concerned over plan to re-zone Sunshine Village” in our Jan. 5 issue.)

Firstly Mr. Swartz, a latent defect in real estate is defined as a defect that renders the property dangerous or potentially dangerous to the occupants or unfit for habitation, so its size wouldn’t meet that definition.

Living in a downzoned area , I would define a mega-house as the 5,600 sq. ft. home (apartment building?) being built a block out of our downzoned area.

Also, there are six neighbourhoods in North Delta that have chosen this route to preserve their neighbourhoods [dating] back to 2004.

Good luck to the community of Sunshine Village which ever way you go.

Sincerely, Richard Hobbs