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Legal Notice Warehouse Lien Act Logo

February 23, 2023

March 10 – Storage Auction

U-Haul Moving Center Surrey claims a Landlords Contractual Lien against the following persons goods in storage at 13425 King George Blvd., Surrey, BC, Tel: 604-585- 4511. Auction is subject to cancellation at any time.

Benson Fung Jason Cunningham Mark Pimlot Shane Cichon
Jeannette Dorash Denise Quinn Sylvia Weber Zakaria Hussien
John Crichton Richard Pippy Marina O’Keeffe

A sale will take place on, on Friday March 10th, 2023. The auction will end at 11:00 AM, unless bidding battle begins. Room contents are personal/household goods unless noted otherwise. Bids will be for the entire contents of each locker or U-box unit.

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