Kevin Costelle is requesting parking regulations for Best Street. (Aaron Hinks photo)

Kevin Costelle is requesting parking regulations for Best Street. (Aaron Hinks photo)

White Rock resident to fight for resident-only parking on Best Street

Kevin Costelle says neighbourhood ‘frustrated’ with street parking

White Rock resident Kevin Costello says he’s seeking time in council chambers to explain the need for new parking regulations on Best Street.

Described by Costello as an ongoing issue, he said residents on Best Street are increasingly finding it difficult to find a place to park their vehicle as the road has “become an extension of the Peace Arch Hospital parking lot.”

“B.C. government employees are using our street to park rather than park in the area provided to them by the hospital,” Costello told Peace Arch News this week.

Costello said Friday that he knows Peace Arch Hospital staff park on the street because he has seen them enter and exit their vehicles while wearing hospital scrubs, but says he doesn’t blame hospital employees for trying to save a buck by avoiding pay parking near the hospital.

By speaking to neighbours about the issue, Costello said he’s learned that some residents are using the street as a place to park their vehicle while they walk up to Russell Avenue to catch a city bus.

“It sounds maybe small-minded and whining, but really, it’s frustrating for people in that whole area and has been for a long time. It’s just getting worse,” Costello said, who lives on the 1300-block of Best Street. “We hate to squeeze it over to another street.”

Costello, who said he planned on submitting his application to go before council on Friday, has started a petition for residents who live on Best Street.

He said that he will make a request to council for resident-only parking in the area.

If residents are interested in signing the petition, Costello requested that they call him at 778-809-9476.