Rapper Vanshu in the “Save Bear Creek” video. (Photo: youtube.com)

Rapper Vanshu in the “Save Bear Creek” video. (Photo: youtube.com)

VIDEO: Rapper’s song aims to ‘Save Bear Creek’ in Surrey, with ‘Dear Doug’ lyrics

‘For a lot of us this park isn’t a park, it’s like a home,’ Vanshu raps

A new song aims to persuade city officials to “save” Surrey’s Bear Creek Park from the planned 84th Avenue extension.

The “official music video” for Vanshu’s “Save Bear Creek” song was posted to Youtube on Tuesday, June 22.

The rap is apparently addressed to Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum.

“Dear Doug, I heard they’re going to combine this road,” the musician raps. “Make it go through the park and you were the deciding vote. I can’t do much so I thought I’d grab this microphone, hoping that maybe through song I can change your mind you know?

“For a lot of us this park isn’t a park, it’s like a home. It’s where we played on the grass and on our bikes we rode. Birthday parties, barbecues, and the smiles on folks. But now how do I bring my grandkids here when I get old?”

On Youtube the song lyrics are shown under the video, which starts with a 145-second discussion recorded at a recent protest near the park.

CLICK HERE to watch the video on Youtube.

The “Save Bear Creek” song is also posted to Vanshu’s Instagram account.

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Vanshu is the artist name for Vansh Sidhu, 16, an Enver Creek Secondary student who learned about the 84th Avenue extension project after seeing a protest near Bear Creek Park.

In an emailed letter to Surrey mayor and coucillors, and cc’d to local news media, Karen Ajun says “a young man and his friends took the time to create a video and voice their concerns during the Yellow Ribbon Campaign to ‘SAVE BEAR CREEK PARK.’

“Please take the time to watch and listen to this video that was created – what doesn’t have any meaning or sentiment to your and your councillors, it does for so many who live in Surrey, not those that just drive by and only care about how much time it will take them to get to their destination with no care for the park, or it’s wildlife or nature.”

On May 31, Surrey city council decided in a 5-4 vote to authorize city staff to proceed with “detailed design” of the project and tendering for its construction once the design is complete.


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