(Delta Police Department photo)

(Delta Police Department photo)

South Delta crime beat, week of Sept. 6

A selection of property crimes submitted weekly by the Delta Police Department

The purpose of the crime beat is to educate and inform the public about some of the property crime trends occurring in South Delta and other files of interest. It is submitted weekly by the Delta Police Department. If you see anything occurring that you believe to be suspicious, call 911 for in progress crimes and emergencies or 604-946-4411 for other assistance.

The following are some of the calls police responded to in the previous week:


• Sept. 10, 2:18 p.m., 4000-block Clarence Taylor Cres.: Complainant reported that her friend had received text messages from her that she did not send. Based on information from the complainant, it was believed that she had put her personal information online through an account and criminals had used that information to try and scam the complainant’s friend.

• Sept. 10, 2:35 p.m., location withheld: Complainant contacted police to report he had fallen victim to a gift card scam. While at work he had received an email, supposedly from a manager, requesting $1,000 in gift cards be purchased as thank yous for the hard work of staff during COVID. The victim believed the request to be legitimate, but later found out it was a scam. The company was advised to take security precautions, such as flagging emails that originate outside of the company.

• Sept. 11, 4000-block 55B St.: Complainant reported seeing a male scaling multiple apartment balconies in the nearby area. Police located the male, who advised that he had been hanging out with friends in a unit the evening prior and realized after he left that he had forgotten his vape pen in the residence. The male informed police that he had attempted to buzz the unit, however after multiple attempts decided to try and find the unit’s patio and knock on the door. Police attended the unit and spoke with the owner, who confirmed the male’s story.

Tsawwassen and Tsawwassen First Nation

• Sept. 7, 8:02 p.m., 1500-block Beach Grove Rd.: Police observed a vehicle pulling away from a nearby area, and were aware that the driver associated to the vehicle was prohibited from driving due to an earlier unrelated call that same day. After conducting a traffic stop the driver was taken into custody and provided a court date. The vehicle was towed and impounded for seven days.

• Sept. 7, 11:50 p.m., 5100-block Winskill Dr.: Police were contacted about a large group of high-school students yelling and screaming. Liquor was seized from several under-age youths for destruction. The youths eventually dissipated.

• Sept. 8, 10:52 p.m., 400-block 56th St.: Police were conducting proactive patrols when a vehicle was observed driving without their lights on. A traffic stop was initiated where an indication of alcohol consumption from the driver was present. An approved screening device demand was read, which resulted in the driver blowing a “warn.” The driver was given an immediate roadside prohibition and a family member came to pick up the vehicle and driver.

• Sept. 11, 1:05 a.m., 4900-block 1A Ave.: A vehicle owner reported the theft of insurance documents and tool from his vehicle. The investigation is ongoing.

• Sept. 11, 11:08 p.m., location withheld: Complainant reported a loud party with a live band taking place in the nearby area. Police attended and could hear yelling and music from out front of the home. Police conducted door knocks and spoke with the homeowner, who advised that they would be shutting down the party shortly and would keep the volume down in the meantime. Police provided the homeowner with a verbal warning.

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