(Delta Police Department photo)

(Delta Police Department photo)

South Delta crime beat, week of April 5

A selection of property crimes submitted weekly by the Delta Police Department

The purpose of the crime beat is to educate and inform the public about some of the property crime trends occurring in South Delta and other files of interest. It is submitted weekly by the Delta Police Department. If you see anything occurring that you believe to be suspicious, call 911 for in progress crimes and emergencies or 604-946-4411 for other assistance.

The following are some of the calls police responded to in the previous week:


• April 5, 5:43 p.m., 5000-block 47A Ave.: Complainant contacted police to report a pressure washing noise coming from a nearby residence. On attendance, police spoke to a male, who stated that he had been hired by the property owner to soft wash (using normal water pressure from a hose and brushes) the residence. Police did not note any noise that would contravene municipal statutes and the male stated that he was wrapping up his work for the day.

• April 5, 11:35 p.m., 4700-block Highway 17A: Police conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle travelling northbound for having an invalid licence plate decal. A computer search of the vehicle found it to have had inactive insurance since December 2019. The vehicle was towed to the driver’s residence and the driver was issued a violation ticket for not having insurance. Police provided the driver a ride to a local bus station.

• April 9, 2:38 a.m., 12100-block 72nd Ave.: Complainant called police to report a possible impaired driver heading southbound on Highway 99 near Ladner Trunk Road. The complainant reported that the vehicle was unable to maintain lanes. Police located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. The driver stated that his last drink was between “5:30 an 6 p.m.” Police formed suspicion about possible impairment and an approved screening device demand was read. The driver provided two samples, both resulting in a “warn.” The driver was issued a three-day immediate roadside prohibition and had his car towed.

• April 9, 8:35 p.m., 2600-block River Road West: Complainant reported a suspicious parked RV. Police attended and located the RV camper with a temporary operator permit. Police spoke with the driver, who stated he and his two friends were just camping for the night as he had recently renovated his RV. The RV was legally parked and nothing suspicious was seen or heard. The complainant was updated on the outcome of the report and was thankful for police attendance.

• April 10, 7:52 p.m., 3600-block Highway 17: Police initiated a traffic stop of a vehicle after radar indicated the vehicle’s speed to be 163 km/h in a posted 80 km/h zone. The driver was issued an excessive speeding violation ticket and a seven-day vehicle impoundment.

Tsawwassen and Tsawwassen First Nation

• April 8, 7:17 a.m., Tsawwassen Drive: Complainant reported to police that a male was in his backyard and had taken a blue blanket from their property before leaving. Police located the male on the south side of the ferry causeway. The male stated he believed he was granted permission to take the blanket but gave no lawful excuse to be in the yard. The male gave the blanket back with no issue. The complainant was updated and his blanket was returned.

• April 8, 1:08 p.m., 1200-block 52nd St.: Complainant reported that a parked vehicle and trailer were blocking the bike lane and the northbound lanes on the street. Police attended and spoke to the driver, who was at a nearby residence pruning hedges and was unaware he couldn’t park there as there were no visible no parking signs. The driver was co-operative and immediately moved his vehicle.

• April 10, 11:50 a.m., 17A Avenue and Beach Grove Road: Complainant reported that a suspicious male photographed and yelled at kids at the Boundary Bay Dyke trail. Police spoke to the complainant, who stated that the kids were playing on the rocks by the beach trying to catch garter snakes. The complainant stated it was for the purpose of learning and exploring and they had no ill intentions. Police located the male at a nearby café, who was polite and co-operative and stated that he was upset about the kids trying to harass or catch the snakes contrary to the Wildlife Act. The male stated that he took photos to “gather evidence,” because he had already reported it to the BC Conservation Officer Service. Police cautioned the male about taking photographs and yelling at youth and recommended calling the Conservation Officer Service or police if he had concerns regarding mistreatment of wildlife.

• April 10, 9:26 p.m., Tsawwassen Beach Road: Police were advised of a beach fire near the road. Police attended the location and found a group of approximately six males having a campfire on the beach. The group appeared to be social distancing and were in an open area. Police spoke with a member of the group who advised he and his friends were gathering for a birthday celebration. Police advised the group that there are no open fires allowed in Delta. The group was co-operative, put out the fire and vacated the beach. All members of the group were given a verbal bylaw warning.

• April 11, 9:25 p.m., 4900-block Canoe Pass Way: Police were conducting a stationary roadblock to check driver sobriety in the area. During an inspection of one vehicle, police detected a faint odour of liquor emanating from the drivers mouth. When asked about the time of the last drink, the driver replied, “I’m not sure but not today.” An approved screening device demand was read and the driver provided two samples, both resulting in a “warn.” The driver was given an immediate roadside prohibition and the car and driver were driven home by the passenger.

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