(Delta Police Department photo)

(Delta Police Department photo)

South Delta crime beat, week of April 20

A selection of property crimes submitted weekly by the Delta Police Department

The purpose of the crime beat is to educate and inform the public about some of the property crime trends occurring in South Delta and other files of interest. It is submitted weekly by the Delta Police Department. If you see anything occurring that you believe to be suspicious, call 911 for in progress crimes and emergencies or 604-946-4411 for other assistance.

The following are some of the calls police responded to in the previous week:


• April 20, 11:19 a.m., 9600-block Ladner Trunk Rd.: Complainant contacted police to report an aggressive driver in the area. Police contacted the registered owner of the vehicle, who indicated that he loaned his vehicle to his wife. The registered owner was very apologetic and indicated that his wife was possibly late for work. The registered owner was given a verbal warning on driving behaviours and violation tickets. The registered owner indicated that he was remorseful and would speak to his wife about driving behaviours

• April 24, 10:45 a.m., Elliot Street and Bridge Street: Complainant reported a duck and her ducklings were obstructing traffic. The complainant was advised by bylaws that they would not be attending and to shoo the ducklings towards the slough. Police attended and there were no sign of ducks or ducklings in the area, however several were spotted safely swimming in the slough.

• April 24, 5:07 p.m., 4800-block 55B St.: Complainant requested police assistance as her eight-year-old son had taken her car keys, gotten inside and locked the doors. The complainant was unable to find her spare set and her son was refusing to unlock the car. Police attended and were able to gain entry to the vehicle using the vehicle entry kit. The son was safe and unharmed and watched SpongeBob on a phone throughout the encounter while he sat in the car.

• April 25, 12:00 a.m., 7300-block Ottawa St.: Boundary Bay Airport reported approximately 12 vehicles gathering in the area. A few of the vehicles were seen racing, although no vehicle descriptions or plates were obtained. Police attended and located a large group of young males and their vehicles. All vehicles were parked. Police spoke to the males and four of them admitted to racing up the road. All were very co-operative and polite. Police educated them about the consequences of street racing and they were apologetic. No violation tickets were issued as the offence was not observed by police. All parties left the scene without incident.

• April 25, 11:49 a.m., 5700-block Ladner Trunk Rd.: Complainant reported concern for the safety of a black Labrador dog that was in the bed of a moving truck. Police confirmed with the complainant that the dog was not in distress. Police reached out to the Delta Animal Shelter and Delta Bylaws regarding the incident. Police learned that dogs/animals are only aloud in the truck bed if there is a canopy or tied-down kennel. Police followed up with the driver of the vehicle at his residence and educated him on the laws of having a dog in the bed of a truck. The driver was unaware of the law and thanked police for making him aware.

Tsawwassen and Tsawwassen First Nation

• April 20, 7:02 p.m., 500 Boundary Bay Rd.: Complainant called police reporting that the occupants of a vehicle were smoking cannabis outside their vehicles in the parking lot of a nearby park. The complainant was concerned they would drive while impaired. On arrival police located the vehicles, where both drivers stated they had not smoked but their passengers had. Both drivers did not exhibit any signs of impairment, but the passengers exhibited significant signs of impairment. Police educated all parties on the importance of not driving while impaired and that it is against Delta’s bylaws to smoke in parks.

• April 21, 4:53 p.m., BC Ferries Causeway: A cab driver reported that while he was at the BC Ferries terminal, another cab driver was in a dispute over money with a passenger. Police attended and located the cab driver and the customer. The cab driver stated that he drove the customer to catch the ferry but when he arrived, the customer stated he had no money. The customer told police that his father was willing to pay for the cab fare, which he did by e-transfer. The cab driver was content with the resolution and police advised the customer to make prior payment arrangements with cab drivers in the future.

• April 22, 8:15 p.m., 480-block 28th Ave.: Complainant reported that her horse had gotten loose and was running aimlessly through the streets. A witness also reported seeing a stray horse in the area. The horse was re-captured without incident by a trainer at a nearby riding club prior to police arrival. Police attended and spoke to the owner of the horse, who was relieved to have the horse back.

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