Sausalito owners say parkade will infringe on privacy

Sausalito owners say parkade will infringe on privacy

Other concerns noted are noise, structural damage

As the waterfront parkade develops into reality, residents of the Sausalito are coming to terms with the possibility that their privacy may be affected.

President of the Sausalito strata Minaz Kassam told Peace Arch News Friday that the four-level parkade should have a roof, something he would advocate for even if that meant the parkade was taller.

“It certainly would (be taller), but I would rather have a roof than me looking into somebody’s car, or them looking into my bedroom,” he said. “Within three metres, that’s just unbelievable and really irresponsible from the city’s point of view. But they’re doing what they do.”

Another concern waged by residents, Kassam said, is that the building appears to be closer to the Sausalito than three metres, a number provided to them by the city.

Sausalito resident Sandra Botteselle emailed city director of engineering and operations Jim Gordon on May 8, expressing her concerns about the neighbouring construction.

She made note of rocks “shoring up” against the cement of the Sausalito building, retaining walls leaking moisture, and said residents will seek compensation for the possible damage to their building, along with clean-up and structural inspection.

Gordon wrote back to Botteselle May 16, first apologizing for the delayed response, and that he will conduct a site inspection with the contractor, Jacob Bros. Construction, this week.

“He has no authorization to cause trespass or damage to your building,” Gordon wrote. “As the excavation is returned to original grade, there will be an interface at the property line between your property and the Parkade property. I will discuss the care he must take in ensuring that there is no damage to your building.”

As Kassam spoke to PAN on the phone Friday, noises from the construction could be heard in the background.

“Oh yes. That starts a little after seven in the morning until 6 p.m. It’s continuous. Continuous, and the building shakes like we have an earthquake,” he said, adding that two window seals have cracked.

“I’ll get to the city when it’s all said in done, which they said they will come and look at it if we have any problems. On that end, I don’t have an issue.”

The Sausalito strata held a special general meeting May 10, where they discussed – with a lawyer present – Jacob Bro’s request to use one or more construction cranes on the property.

Kassam said the details of the strata decision are being worked on by the lawyer, and that the strata has no plans of opening a lawsuit over their concerns.


Sausalito owners say parkade will infringe on privacy

Sausalito owners say parkade will infringe on privacy