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PODCAST: Special Guest Bryan Baeumler - Value of Working with the Pros

TODAY IN BC: HAVAN’s podcast ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once’

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Co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee chat with special guest Bryan Baeumler of HGTV fame, along with Graeme Huguet of My House Design Build Team, to talk about the value of working with the pros.

‘I often tell a story of a basement I walked into, and the homeowner said, what can you do down here? And the answer is, I’ll put a train station, indoor pool and a Starbucks in if you’d like. And they laugh and say, no, seriously, what can you do? And I say, what’s your budget? And the answer used to always be, well, I’m not telling you, you’ll spend it all. But you need to present how much money do you have in your pocket or available to you. I would say take 35% of that as a contingency…and work on 65% of your total available cash or credit or whatever you want to spend on the job. And let the professional come up with the plan to tell you what is possible within those plans, considering the cosmetics that you would like to include and go from there,’ says Baeumler.

Recognizing a TV show cannot share the full process of building or renovating a home in just 22 minutes, Baeumler openly discusses his approach to working with the professionals, with Huguet bringing a B.C. perspective to the conversation.

‘We have to start looking at our own homes, not from the cosmetic Instagram photo side, but we have to start looking at how do we build a safe, comfortable nest that’s affordable and sustainable, that also adds real value and provides a passive income in the form of savings long-term. And we have to start prioritizing.’Bryan Baeumler, Baeumler Approved, HGTV.

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