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PODCAST: Passive House Passion

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Co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee chat with Shaun St-Amour who talks about the associated costs, the energy savings, consumer choice, and the importance of challenging the status quo as the industry looks to build resilient, healthy homes with a lighter footprint on the environment.

‘I really think that we should have an AirBNB passive house that we all could just go and experience because when you step into it and you close the door and it’s quieter and there’s even a difference in fresh air, you honestly see the difference as soon as you take that first step inside.’says Shaun St-Amour, Clay Construction.

St-Amour is passionate about building to Passive House standards for the health and comfort of everyone who’s occupying the home.

‘I would rather use the Passive House principles to get to net zero. Not only are you going to enjoy the benefits of a passive house, the comfort, the energy efficiency, the healthy home but you’ll also have an opportunity to use materials that can create a 200 plus year old home because you’re doing an envelope-first approach.’

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