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PODCAST: Authors Grant Lawrence and Bob Williams discuss their new books

MADE IN B.C. BOOK CLUB: “Return to Solitude and ‘Using Power Well’

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On this edition of ‘Today in BC’, host Peter McCully chats with two authors, Grant Lawrence and Bob Williams on the second edition of the ‘Made in BC Book Club’.

In the first segment of ‘Today in BC’, Grant Lawrence, CBC Broadcaster and award-winning author offers more Desolation Sound adventures in his long-awaited sequel to ‘Adventures in Solitude,’ with stories of the ‘Cougar Lady’, ‘Bernard the German’ and ‘Russell the Hermit’.

‘Russell ended up in a homemade shack in Desolation Sound beyond any road or any semblance of electricity or plumbing. Or anything. He was a full-blown, real-life hermit that lived in a shack for 10 years and really changed my life. He opened my up my mind to rock and roll music and to alternative writing and books that I had never heard of, or writers that I had never heard of. And it was just a real cultural awakening for me,’ says Lawrence.

Bob Williams is a former British Columbia cabinet minister who played a key role in establishing the Agricultural Land Reserve and the Insurance corporation of British Columbia during B.C.’s first NDP government in the 1970s. ‘Using Power Well’ is a biography, by Bob Williams, with Benjamin Isitt and Thomas Bevan.

‘I see a naivety around decisions being made particularly on housing,’ says Williams. ‘The fact that the housing problem is so serious in this province, especially here in the lower mainland, given what we’re doing now, it’s almost unachievable. Because the rush to the province from the rest of Canada and internationally is so substantial. In the lower mainland we have a limited capacity to accommodate them. So, we have to rethink the way we settle people in B.C. That’s exciting actually, but it isn’t happening even with my government right now’.

More can be found on Bob Williams here.

Grant Lawrence will be holding reading events for his new book.

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