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OCP Open House in North Delta draws crowd

City planners, staff and Mayor on hand to answer questions, get feedback
Doreann Mayhew, General Manager, Development (City of Delta photo)

The City of Delta unveiled preliminary land use maps at its Official Community Plan (OCP) open house and information sessions. The first open house, which was held in person, was on March 6 at North Delta Recreation Centre.

Large posters indicated the history of Delta’s residential population, where and when growth has occurred, and tentative plans for the future. Each illustration, manned by a city planner or employee, explained what the illustration indicated and was available to answer questions and gather feedback.

The maps defined key areas for strategic growth throughout the city, focusing on development in four primary zones: the North Delta Social Heart, Ladner Village, Tsawwassen (56 Street), and along Scott Road. Assessments of current and planned utility and transportation infrastructure informed these selections.

Doreann Mayhew, General Manager of Development, underscored the importance of these land use maps, stating, “They visually depict Delta’s growth trajectory, illustrating the progression of multi-family housing along major transport arteries and commercial centers, while also safeguarding agricultural, industrial, and conservation lands.”

Identifying strategic growth areas is one of three major revisions in Delta’s new OCP development. The plan aims to simplify land use classifications from 75 to 10, streamline development procedures, and accommodate the Province of BC’s directive for increased housing. These proposed policies also aim to facilitate small-scale, multi-unit housing on residential plots, diversify housing types, and ease parking restrictions, all designed to enhance our city’s livability and sustainability.

Mayor George Harvie was available at the open house to listen to people’s concerns, comments or recommendations.

Earlier this month, the Council instructed staff to advance work on the new OCP and initiate public consultations. Residents received a mail-out outlining fundamental changes, including a land use map, this week. Detailed maps and materials are also accessible at with opportunities for engagement at the next open hosue on March 14th, at the North Delta Centre for the Arts between 6-8 p.m. Information and feedback is also available online.

Residents are encouraged to offer feedback on the proposed changes and contribute ideas for sustainable growth until March 17, 2023.

A feedback poster asked residents to indicate how open they were to growth in Delta. They each had a single choice: whether they wanted no growth - (I like Delta the way it is); Somewhat (I understand it needs to happen); and Very (housing is urgent need). At the mid-point of the event, the feedback was mixed, with most, (by a small margin) recognizing that housing is an urgent need.

To view maps and information, visit

OCP Open House at North Delta Recreation Centre drew a steady stream of residents (staff photo)
How open are you to growth in Delta? The opinion board, halfway through the event had mixed reviews, with a slight edge towards an increase in housing. (staff photo)